John Kolb

Showing through February 2018|  MacRostie Gallery |  Sponsored by Mike Ives Realty

Jig Saw Puzzle IIA 001.JPG

“My work represents the struggle to bring meaning from interaction of materials and processes. I begin by shaping material and continue by developing the form. As I respond to the tensions within each work, the mode of expression becomes more abstract. I then feel I can interact freely with forms with faith in my intuition and generate a more powerful artistic statement. The work looks rapidly executed, but each action is carefully studied before completion. Only when every part aids in the purpose of expression is the work finished.”

John Kolb (Sioux Falls, SD) worked as a Minnesota-based artist for many years. After graduating with an MA from the University of Minnesota in Mankato, he continued his education at the University of South Dakota, where he obtained an MFA in drawing and painting, and an enduring love of teaching. Kolb went on to teach art classes at colleges, universities, and public schools throughout Iowa and Minnesota before refocusing on solo exhibitions of his work, which consists of acrylic on canvas. 


Jeffrey Hansen

Showing through February 2018 |  Minnesota Gallery |  Sponsored by MacRostie Board of Directors


“VISUAL DREAMING: A PROCESS OF ABSTRACT PAINTING will be a solo showcase of my latest textural, colorful abstract paintings that create uniquely captivating imagery of abstraction that encompasses Abstract Expressionism and Color Field theories & applications. I blend, liquefy, and texturize- applying many laters of paint; thus, transforming the paint into melty, airy, watery, textural, dreamy hints of nature. From nothing other than the colors that I have chosen, I create imagery that captures a blurry, paused-motion quality of something tangible.”

Jeffrey Hansen (St. Paul, MN) began painting professionally in the 1988. After receiving his Bachelors in Fine Arts from the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul in the early 1990's, he went on to further explore his talents through nature photography, assemblage sculpture, and furniture making . However, Hansen's first love of abstract painting was persistent and he has since returned to this discipline in 2007, 2012, and again in 2018.