Beyond borders | indigenous invitational

Showing Oct. 4 - Nov. 18, 2019 |  MacRostie Gallery |  Sponsored by Cyrus N. White, Martha Grace Reese, and The Grand Rapids Human Rights Commission

kempenich complete.png

The purpose of the Indigenous Invitational, in the words of co-curator Colleena Bibeau is to bring together indigenous arts, language, and culture in order to create pathways for individual interpretations to inspire future generations. This exhibit spans the months of October and November at MAC.

“Our young people will see pieces of creation and history through the eyes of prominent artists of our geographical landscape. In their own personal, ceremonial, and professional paths, our audience will live vicariously through messages and meaning of these creations. Many of our people respond closely to their intergenerational stories, dreams, teachings, and walk each of their days in ceremony- this exhibition brings together the ties that bind our people community, life ways through educational art pieces in each of the four hills of life.”

The exhibit “Beyond Borders” will include work by prominent artists George Morrison, Hillary Kempenich (featured), Jonathan Thunder, Moira Villiard, Leah Yellowbird, Michael Lyons, Breana Green, and Lucas Reynolds.


Point illustrated | stephanie frey

Showing Oct. 4 - 26, 2019 |  Minnesota Gallery |  Sponsored by North Homes, Inc.


Stephanie Frey is an artist based in Minnesota. She received her BFA in Illustration from the College of Visual Arts and is currently working as an elementary art teacher and freelance illustrator. Many of her images highlight an urban landscape though the ordinary moments of her day-to-day life. Her current collection of drawings and paintings aim to represent the artist’s immediate and past life by calling attention to the small moments in a day. These seemingly ordinary but fragmented drawings are little scenes placed together to create a loose narrative. The viewer is tasked with organizing, rearranging, and deciphering the story. The stream of moments is interpreted as something more and complex. The small and colorful intimate gouache paintings consider how past choices and development influence and change the present. Of her viewers, Stephanie asks, “What is your living history?”

“My work centers around my personal identity and general surroundings. It's a combination of playful lines, color, and humor to tell a story.”