John Kolb 

Opening Reception: Friday February 2, 4-7 pm

Kolb-Jigsaw Puzzle 001A.JPG

“Much of the pictorial structure is based on color intensity and management of brushwork. As I add layers of paint the colors and forms begin to declare themselves. This process develops the definition of space pared down to essentials. My work represents the struggle to bring meaning from interaction of materials and processes. The work looks rapidly executed but each action is carefully studied before completion. Only when every part aids in the purpose of expression is the work finished.”

John J. Kolb (Sioux Falls, SD) received his MA from the University of Minnesota at Mankato and his MFA from the University of North Dakota in drawing and painting.  He has exhibited work locally and regionally and has exhibited in many solo, invitational, and group exhibitions.  His work is acrylic on canvas.


Jeffery Hansen

Opening Reception: Friday, February 2, 4-7 pm


“I paint, therefore I am. No really...I am painting...or more so, I blend, liquefy, & texturize, applying many layers of paint transforming the paint into melty, airy, watery, textural, dreamy hints of nature. From nothing other then the colors that I have chosen creates imagery that captures a blurry paused motion or washy stillness giving the paintings an almost identifiable quality of something tangible.”

Jeffrey Hansen (St. Paul, MN) received his Bachelors in Fine Arts from the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul. In early 2017 he again began concentrating on abstract painting, renewing his take on old ideas to create a body of work that takes inspiration from his very early color washes while applying the concept of thickness from the ‘Elements’ series. From this renewal of ideas, Hansen began reaching new visions, canvases, and possibilities.