October 2018 Exhibitions

Opening Reception: Friday, October 5, 4 - 7 pm

MacRostie Gallery

Ross - Hulll Rust Mahoning Mine.jpg

along the range

Douglas Ross

Douglas Ross (Minneapolis, MN) earned his BA in History from Carleton College in Northfield, MN. He went on to Minneapolis College of Art and Design to earn his MFA. Over the years, Ross has been continuously inspired by the beauty of Northern Minnesota. He has had works featured in nearly 280 exhibitions since 1962, and will continue this tradition by displaying his paintings of the Iron Range at MacRostie Art Center in October.

“In my newest exhibition, I will be focusing on the Iron Range.  I will be presenting paintings from the Mesabi, and Vermillion Ranges from Grand Rapids up to Tower and Sudan, Minnesota…I consider myself a landscape painter, but in approaching this project I will be very influenced by the 19 credit hours in geology that I completed in college.  One of my second year geology classes involved a lengthy field trip to the range which is a memory that I carry with me to this day.”


minnesota gallery

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EARTHLY concerns

Linda Snouffer, David Luke, Nancy Stalnaker Bundy

Three different artists will explore environmental impact in this group show. David Luke uses photography and digital manipulation to make visible the imminent ecological transformations in Minnesota’s northern boreal forests due to climate change. Linda Snouffer’s interpretive printmaking captures the grass movement of prairie scenes and creates forest scenes with grasses melding into trees and back into prairie again. Nancy Stalnaker Bundy’s photography includes architectural remnants and artifacts from former mines as well as their surrounding landscapes. As a group, the works examine the juxtaposition between the protected and the vulnerable, the comfortable and the violent, the relaxed and the analytical.