Our Community Partners


Itasca Area community education

MacRostie Art Center is a partner with Itasca Area Community Education. Within Itasca Area Community Education people of all ages, and in all stages of life, can meet new people, experience new things and develop new life­-long skills. Together we work to achieve their mission is to ignite learning through ever-changing opportunities for individuals to enrich and enhance their lives through access to MacRostie’s extensive lists of seasonal art classes and activities.

Blandin Foundation

MacRostie Art Center is a partner with The Blandin Foundation. Blandin Foundation is a private foundation based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, whose mission is to be a trusted partner and advocate to strengthen rural Minnesota communities, especially the Grand Rapids area. MacRostie and Blandin work together to create their vision of healthy, inclusive rural communities through accessible arts programs like Families Create! Second Saturday.



Children First! Of Itasca County

MacRostie Art Center is a partner with Children First! of Itasca County. Children First! sponsors and hosts free events, programs and classes for children, youth and families located in Itasca County, Minnesota. MacRostie works with Children First! to provide the free monthly art class Families Create! Second Saturday at MacRostie Art Center.


Itasca Life Options

MacRostie Art Center is a partner with Itasca Life Options (ILO). ILO is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunity, experiences, and employment for individuals that live with disabilities. MacRostie works with ILO to provide art classes, collaborative projects, and exhibition opportunities for their client artists.