Call for Artwork | 10th Annual Miniatures Exhibition

Little Big Show | May 2017 Invitation In May 2017, MacRostie Art Center (MAC) will host its 10th annual miniatures exhibition in its Minnesota Gallery. The exhibition will feature small works ...

Gathering Water and Light | Jes Lee Shimek

Minnesota Gallery | On view through March. In March the Minnesota Gallery will host Jes Lee Shimek’s collection of digital collages that explore various bits of humanity’s relationship with water and ...

Hull Rust Mine | Aaron Squadroni

MacRostie Gallery | On view through March. Throughout March MacRostie Gallery will host Hull Rust Mine: a series of drawings by Aaron Squadroni studies the identity of the Hull Rust Mine by ...

Upcoming Programming

Spring Adult Classes

Scholarships are available for all ages!  Contact MacRostie Art Center for more ...

Spring Youth Classes

Scholarships are available for all ages!  Contact MacRostie Art Center for more ...

Art Suitcases for Rent

ART SUITCASES | Planned Lessons and Materials $20 per week | Scholarships for families are ...

Latest News

Ripe for Analysis | Emily Stokes

Minnesota Gallery | On view through February. The visual work in this show concerns the iconography and narratives that give weight and structure to rural culture. Stokes combines printmaking, painting, and drawing to yield intricate images that serve as a form of visual dialogue. Emily Stokes currently is an Assistant Professor of Art at Northwestern College […]

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Stained Glass with Friends | Group Exhibit

MacRostie Gallery | On view through February. This show is about creating stained glass art and life long friendships, showcasing stained glass artwork created by Lisa and George Berkholz and their friends Danita Camilli, Brenda Maranda, Carol Augustson, Vicky Menazzi, Lea Friesen and Steve Long. In addition to the artists that are contributing work for the […]

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Downtown Art Fair | Accepting Applications!

Apply Today! | Join us for the 2017 Downtown Art Fair, a celebration of art and artists in downtown Grand Rapids that attracts local residents and summer tourists alike! Where & When | Old Central School Grounds, Saturday, July 08, 2017, 9 a.m – 4 p.m. To Apply |  apply online or download a PDF of the Downtown Art Fair Application and mail to: MacRostie Art Center, […]

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Join us! | Art & Wellness

February 12 | Celebrating Creative Wellness  Sunday, February 12, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. | $75 members/ $85 non Self-expression through the creative arts offers a healthy method of processing experience and renewing one’s emotional coffers. In February 2017, MacRostie Art Center will host another Art & Wellness Weekend in order to continue the conversation about ways to enrich […]

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Disassembled, Juxtaposed, Transformed | Karlyn Atkinson Berg

Minnesota Gallery | On view through January. In January the Minnesota Gallery will be alive with color as MacRostie Art Center hosts Disassembled, Juxtaposed, Transformed – an exploration of the interaction between space, form, and colors through the mixed-media collage style of Karlyn Atkinson Berg. “Images might give visual information, but rarely involve trying to represent […]

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Day Dream | Elyse-Krista Mische

MacRostie Gallery | On view through January. “Day Dream” highlights Elyse-Krista’s mixed media approach to illustration and the multiple stages of her creative process. She utilizes the realms of make believe and day dreaming to investigate concepts of time, wealth, memory, ephemeral existence, and the fine line between our conscious and subconscious beings. Elyse-Krista invites you […]

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