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Pamela M. Clifton

Metalsmith, Jewelry Designer

Featured Artist

Pamela M. Clifton

Pamela has worked as a metalsmith and jewelry designer since 2002. She was born in Northern NY, and has lived in Burlington VT, Seattle Washington, and Minneapolis, MN. She currently lives in with her family in Duluth, MN. She is largely self taught, but has taken metalwork and design classes in Minneapolis, MN and Seattle, WA, as well as a lapidary class in Duluth. She works in gold, sterling silver, and copper. All of her work is hand fabricated, and frequently incorporates “found objects” such as wood, antique beads, and agate pebbles.


Artist Statement

The act of creation, the “conversation” that I have with my work, is what keeps me coming back to my studio. I love starting with an idea, or a sketch on a scrap of paper, and working to turn it into something real, lovely, and precious. I love incorporating unusual elements into my work for a sense of surprise and wonder. I intend my jewelry to empower as well as adorn the wearer, to make her feel confident as well as beautiful.

My studio is a light-filled porch in a nice old house near the lake in Duluth, Minnesota that I share with with my husband and daughter. My work is inspired by literature, art nouveau, star-gazing, music, the work of ancient jewelers, and my family.