Concepts of self | Dan anderson

Showing Sept 6 - 28, 2019 |  MacRostie Gallery |  Sponsored by Hawkinson Construction

A photo of a man in a knit cap playing the accordion

Dan Anderson (Grand Rapids, MN) is an experimental filmmaker and installation artist who has exhibited work at festivals across the country, as well as Europe, Asia and South America. His interest in film began as a student at Grand Rapids High School, as he began hosting regular “Film Nights” at the MacRostie Art Center between 1999-2001. In 2001, as a high school senior, he directed the first Bearded Child Film Festival, which attracted visiting filmmakers from as far away as Japan. The festival was held at the Reif Center annually from 2001-2008, and included a touring program to over 50 locations across the United States and Canada. In 2005, he earned a BFA in Film Studies from the University of Colorado, and an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University (NY) in 2015. Dan remains an active filmmaker, video artist and curator, spending much of the year on the road attending various festivals and artist residencies. 

My work is focused on the concept of “self” and how people identify themselves to the world around them. The process of my work is a mix of documentary, narrative and experimental. I travel to cultural events and document the activities, using experimental techniques to pull a sense of truth or deeper underlying identify out of my subjects. These will typically be rural community events such as parades or themed festivals. Most often I will shoot on analog Super 8mm or 16mm movie film, and edit the material as a movie or use select frames for prints and installations. My goal is to delve beneath the surface and find subconscious undertones and hints of absurdism behind seemingly mundane, daily-life interactions.


Atlas | Cam zebrun

Showing Sept 6 - 28, 2019 |  Minnesota Gallery |  Sponsored by Gaalaas Orthodontics

An image of four tall and thin painted wooden sculptures

Cameron Zebrun (Minneapolis, MN) received a Minnesota State Artist Initiative Grant in 2005 and 2015, and was Artist in Residence at the Petrified Forest National Park in 2008. Cameron has had several one-person exhibitions in the twin cities area and was included in Made in Minnesota exhibition at the Catherine Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota and the 60th Arrowhead Regional Biennial at the Duluth Art Institute, Duluth Minnesota both in 2014. Cameron’s works are included in the collections of The Minnesota Museum of Art and Madison Art Center. Cameron was employed at the Walker Art Center as Director of Program Services from 1991 through 2017. Cameron joined Form+Content Gallery in 2008. He was a member until 2015. Cameron is represented by Kolman Pryor Gallery in Minneapolis MN. 

My artwork reflects my interest in the exploring landscape subject matter in non-traditional ways. As I observe the natural world and I am inspired by the traces left by ever present natural forces that shape the landscape, wind etches, water carves, the Sun heats, the Earth moves. An avid outdoors person, I’m keenly aware of how experiences in nature activate my senses, emotions and sense of wonder. I record my observations at destinations with photography and over the years have acquired a vast catalog of images, original and found. The images are used for reference tools in the studio but also to create stand-alone works of art.

My process for making art works evolved from a desire to represent natural forms physically as part of a composition and to communicate the sensual and emotional experiences I have in nature. The design and fabrication my art works is an important element of my process. It’s personally satisfying working with my hands to fabricate the work and acknowledges the importance of craftsmanship to strengthen my statement. I’m also fascinated by systems humans invent to study and interrupt, catalog, and harness forces of nature. The visual languages of cartography, meteorology, and science fascinate me and have found a place as a device in my art works. My pieces are often categorized as defying categorization. They are neither painting nor sculpture, although they embody both processes.

By observing and collecting images, experiences, emotional responses and ideas inspired by the natural world, I record the intimate patterns and forces that nature enacts on the environment - the textures, rhythms, symmetry and asymmetry, the essences of nature’s abstract forms.  This is the raw material for my art. In the studio, this sensory information is filtered through an intuitive process of building forms, painting, and processing personal and found photography resulting in art that maps the fluid, non-linear experience of the cycles of life, cycles that continuously invite the opportunity for revelation and discovery.