Busyness | Ralph Hanggi JR.

Showing January 2019 |  MacRostie Gallery |  Sponsored by MacRostie Art Center Board of Directors

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Ralph Hanggi Jr. (Deer River, MN) will be exhibiting his "Busyness as Virtue-Tondo" series, otherwise known as “Busyness.” This series includes a collection of his 4ft acrylic works on circular canvas as well as works on paper and smaller works on canvas. Ralph Hanggi Jr. carves and sands his own canvases by hand in his studio, and uses them to generate “tenants”, or concentrated dialogues on fundamental concepts in art, such as hard edges, shape motifs, color combinations, and linear passages. In artfully documenting and presenting these discussions, Ralph Hanggi Jr. reaches full activation of the picture plane on his canvases. Each tenant in “Busyness” reflects Hanggi Jr.’s extensive educational and artistic background. He has exhibited across the country as a painter, and has been actively producing work and teaching art since 1976. 

“The goal of these tenants [in “Busyness”] is to achieve compositions which I hope are dynamic and will lead the viewer in a search to discover hidden as well as more obvious geometric and organic relationships. Bold as well as more subtle color interactions, linear passages help to reinforce pattern and movement as they relate to the circle…I hope the busynesss indicated will engage the viewer in a more than cursory manner, all in an abstract vein.”


Inter / veil | Saulaman Schlegel

Showing January 2019 |  Minnesota Gallery |  Sponsored by MacRostie Art Center Board of Directors


Saulaman Schlegel (Minneapolis, MN) is a multidisciplinary artist. Their work explores themes of gender, objectification of the artist, the object, and the body. The work reckons with history, up-bringing, and the challenges of the artist in relationship to ideologies that place emphasis on normalized behavior. Saul's current work seeks to create a space where visitors may enter into dialogue and activity aimed to stir questions about gender norms and to offer new lenses through which to view these questions.

“My work focuses on non-binary gender roles, and explores the androgyny of Christian saints, martyrs, and Christ. I am confronting identity in terms of things, both societal and biological. Things one cannot remove or disassociate from, and finding poetry in their very existence. My work seeks to open a dialogue about queerness, and perceived and hidden identities. As a non-binary and bisexual individual with privilege, I believe it is my duty to contribute to a more positive social ecosystem, through art and action.

I create performances and installations that resonate with the puritanical upbringings many Midwesterners endured growing up. The manifestations of the psychic struggle to outgrow problematic ideologies, while reckoning with our own shortcomings. I exhibit performances, and resulting artifacts/ installations, in combination with visual art, audio, and/or video works that often result in multi-sensory environments. Materials of interest include corn, found blankets and towels, along with latex rubber in raw, or balloon form. These materials are a meditation on race, object history, and a preponderance on sexuality, gender, and a reflection of my body (the body of the artist) as a canvas. Song and dance have also infiltrated my work, as an expression of joy and resonance in a place of worship -the gallery.”