Thanks to the Bees | Linda Ackland-Kolb

Minnesota Gallery | On view through July.

Thanks to the Bees: Images on Beeswax – Linda Ackland-Kolbhas has a unique way of blending soft pastel and beeswax to create her artwork. The works presented are expressions of discovery.  A surface of melted and sculpted beeswax contributes to the excitement and interaction with soft pastels on the final composition.

Linda Ackland-Kolb received her MA from the University of Minnesota, Mankato and her MFA from the University of North Dakota in drawing and painting. She has exhibited work locally and regionally and has participated in many invitational and group exhibitions. Linda has presented and taught art in a variety of settings including Sioux Falls Public Schools, the Washington Pavilion, University of Sioux Falls, Augustana University, University of South Dakota, and the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Originally from Minnesota, she currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with her husband, John and has two grown daughters.