Stained Glass with Friends | Group Exhibit

MacRostie Gallery | On view through February.

This show is about creating stained glass art and life long friendships, showcasing stained glass artwork created by Lisa and George Berkholz and their friends Danita Camilli, Brenda Maranda, Carol Augustson, Vicky Menazzi, Lea Friesen and Steve Long. In addition to the artists that are contributing work for the show, there is a long list of other students who have become friends through a shared love of stained glass.

“After meeting Lisa and marrying her in 2008, we decided to buy Stained Glass With Class. We had no experience owning or operating a store. We both had confidence that we could do it! Now after many years running and teaching stained glass, I can’t see myself doing any thing else. I love teaching people that have no experience and creating art that they will be so proud of and also getting to know each person one-on-one and becoming great friends with most.” – George Berkholz