Musings, Messengers & Monoprints | Terry Garrett


Minnesota Gallery | On view through November.

The Musings, Messengers and Monoprints, a mixed media exhibition of collage and monoprints, is narrative in nature featuring male imagery from vintage Life, Look and Post magazines from the 1940s and 50s as well as a group of photographs of convicts from England in the early 1900s. “They were holding this framed chalk board with their crime written on it,” Garrett explains. “A public shaming I guess. So, I thought I would turn it around and make them messengers bringing us words of wisdom.” The images are taken out of context and placed on a monoprint background so the viewer can make up their own stories as these collages deal with some basic themes. Included in the exhibit are stand alone, unaltered monoprints, which give rise to a range of emotions for the artist. Their colors and shapes appear like abstracted, ethereal landscapes.

nov-dThis new body of work represents a shift for Terry Garrett. Printmaking had always been an interest of his and he focused on printmaking as an undergrad. However, because he didn’t have a press or an appropriate studio space in which to use oil-based inks, he stopped making prints. Recently he discovered a way to use acrylic paint to make monoprints; water vs. solvent clean up and no mechanical printing press required. He was delighted to be printing again. “The monoprint process is so exciting to me as one can never really control the outcome,” says Garrett. “I have found this to be very artistically freeing.”