Impact | Miranda Brandon

Minnesota Gallery | On view through September.

Large-scale photographs encapsulate the moments, and those after, in which birds strike glass while navigating the complex maze of human-built spaces. Tragically beautiful, these images magnify and memorialize the lives of each individual animal, challenging a human-biased hierarchy of self-importance.

Miranda Brandon has been a Project BirdSafe volunteer for Audubon Minnesota since spring of 2013. As an MFA candidate in Photography at the University of Minnesota, Miranda photographs the birds she finds while monitoring buildings, and from those she created a stunning display she calls Impact.

Miranda Brandon’s photographs depict many birds that met untimely deaths due to collisions with built structures. The images she creates show the lethal consequences that other species bear as metal, glass, and cement erupt from the ground. The photographs are printed in large format, with birds appearing 6 to 12 times their natural size. Some are depicted as if at the moment of impact or just moments afterwards, falling through the air or posed in quiet portraiture with heads drawn eerily back or unnaturally to one side.

At such a large scale the birds cannot be easily ignored or tidied up into a garbage bin. The photographs demand space for their subjects and in return offer an intimate view of each subject, allowing minute details to seen.