Attention: Healthcare Workers!


Healthcare providers within the state of Minnesota are invited to apply to participate in MacRostie Art Center’s February 2016 exhibit, showcasing the connection between the arts and healthcare. Submission deadline is January 1, 2016.


Image: sculpture by Anne Tofte


When your job is to work in a supporting capacity to other human beings it takes a toll on your psyche. The combined kindness and patience that make any type of caregiver good at their work is not limitless. Self-expression through the creative arts offers a healthy method of processing experience and renewing one’s emotional coffers. In February 2016, MacRostie Art Center will showcase artwork created by healthcare providers in order to contribute to the conversation about ways to enrich the quality of life for everyone who provides services or care to people in vulnerable circumstances.


“I think I mostly use art as an escape. I love having something physical to show for my time. I like to spend a lot of time thinking about a project.” – Dr. Anne Tofte, MD, family medicine


“It is a routine part of my job to look at placentas, to assess their health as a reflection of the health of a new baby. On the day when I saw a truly beautiful placenta, a perfect tree, I knew that the imagery was more than a coincidence. When I started photographing placentas and looking for the family trees, it infused a second tier of excitement into each delivery. “ – Dr. Patricia Carlin-Janssen, MD family medicine


Any healthcare provider within the state of Minnesota is eligible to submit artwork for this exhibit. The work will be juried by MacRostie Art Center and applicants will be notified by January 15th, 2016. Entries can be submitted to by January 1, 2016 and should include artist’s name, title, medium, and dimensions, along with a digital image of the artwork.