Art Suitcases for Rent

ART SUITCASES | Planned Lessons and Materials
$20 per week | Scholarships for families are available

Bring an Art Suitcase home or into your classroom.  Choose from eight art topics with planned lessons and materials at a minimal cost!

Designed by a certified art teacher for our community, these suitcases are choice resources for families, teachers, and out of school time coordinators who want to enrich children’s lives through access to high quality arts activities.  Anyone can rent an art suitcase, and when introduced by an adult, projects are geared towards learners age 5+.

Art suitcases bring MAC programming to you, wherever you are.

What’s in an art suitcase?

  • Books containing art project ideas, steps, and examples
  • A portfolio of prints and discussion questions related to the lessons
  • Art materials (watercolor, pastels, tempera, collage materials, brushes and more)
  • Picture books and youth art magazines

Eight art themes to choose from!

  • The Different Sides of Nature Art: Discover the connections between science and art, make earth-friendly art using natural materials, or explore your creative side as you paint expressive creatures.
  • Abstract/Expressionism: Make abstract or representational art that expresses emotions or use art as a way to relax and tune in to your body and feelings.  Paint to music, draw pictures of your loved ones, and experiment with how abstraction helps express messages.
  • Abstract Ideas: Expand your artist tool kit as you explore color, shape, and line; use art to express ideas like simplification, motion, or energy.  Have fun mixing things up on purpose as a way to express your unique ideas.
  • Culture: Telling Our Stories Through Art: Make a mask based on African traditions, a collage of your heroes, or a drawing of the familiar world around you.  These lessons teach how artists use their work to express their backgrounds and allow you to make art that expresses your culture and experiences.
  • Exploring the Minnesota Landscape: Get outdoors with this suitcase and explore the Minnesota landscape through art making.  Learn to paint like the Impressionists, finding inspiration in the world around you.
  • Art of Make Believe:  Play art games, make absurd collages, and draw scenes from your imagination.  This suitcase is all about creativity.
  • The Art Around Us: Explore the art that is around us every day – from architecture to public sculpture and murals.  Enjoy a scavenger hunt of public art pieces, design your own public sculpture, or build a fort.  Learn how creative people create real things in our communities and try your hand at designing useful artwork.
  • Telling Stories Through Animation: Write your own stories using the Storymatic and then try your hand at turning them into art using stop motion animation.  This suitcase requires a computer or iPad and an inexpensive software download.  It includes great ideas for using animation for learning activities in a variety of academic subjects.

This activity at MacRostie Art Center is made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and an appropriation from the State Legislature.

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