Art Shop Spotlight | Lily Winter, Jeweler

Lily Winter | Grand Rapids, MN | Jewelry

Lily Winter has made a career crafting jewelry from unorthodox materials such as recycled silver trays and anodized aluminum. She manipulates the metal to create pieces that both show hints of a material’s previous life and showcase her ample design skills. The result is affordable jewelry that feels both traditional and modern at the same time.

Don’t Miss …

Lily’s work can be found in the Art Shop all the time, but don’t miss her special trunk show on Friday, February 3rd from 4-8pm! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we will be hosting a one-day sale for our First Friday festivities — 10% off all retail sales with an additional 5% off for members, including both the Art Shop and the exhibition galleries.

Artist Statement:

I have long made jewelry out of paper, yarn, plastic, anything I could get my hands on. Six or seven years ago, while showing some of my “collage” work, I met M’lou Brubaker, who began to teach me metals. I started in copper, which is still one of my first loves. Cutting, shaping, texturing, flame-coloring are all fascinating.

I moved on to sterling silver. Loving the look but hating the price, I started cutting up vintage silver-plated trays, many of which were destined for landfills. It’s great to be able to cut around the damage and make a useless object useful!

I learned recently of a new invention, an aluminum with an “open pore” structure that accepts paint, ink and dye. Aluminum is extremely lightweight and the sheen makes the jewelry look almost like enameling.

I have never been interested in casting or sculpting. I love forging, I love shapes, and my customers have taught me the beauty of simplicity.