Art Shop Spotlight | Danny Root, Decoys & Lures

Danny Root | Grand Rapids, MN | Decoys & Lures

One of this summer’s bestsellers, Danny’s decoys and lures are fun art objects but also completely lake-ready. He tests all decoys in water and lead weight is added along their bottoms to give them ‘swimming’ action. His lures use a one piece through wire; no hooks are ever attached using only an eye screw. The wire is sealed using marine epoxy. All decoys and lures are painted by hand with marine paint and given three coats of marine varnish.

Artist Statement

I surely can’t tell you these will catch more fish than what you are using now but if the point was to only catch fish you wouldn’t be using a line and tackle. As an old timer from Ely, Minnesota told me.. ‘When we fished for food as a kid we only took dynamite to the lake’.

My fishing lures and spearing decoys are made to use but many who buy from me say these will only hang in their home or cabin for display. Well Holy Smokes! Buy one of my lures or spearing decoys and use it. If you lose it you can always order another one. It’s not like they cost $100 each (well, maybe some do!).

If my lures and decoys don’t make you smile, don’t buy them!